Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dress Etiquette for a Job Interview

Are you a final year university student geared up for the campus interview? Feeling very panicky and don’t know how to face the interview? If all these questions are dancing in your mind, then probably you are at right place reading the right kind of information. Most of the students after graduation prefer to gain experience in some companies and further continue their studies. This trend has emerged recently and is providing ample opportunities for the apprentice to nourish themselves in a bright way. However, there must be a different and professional approach while dealing with the higher officials in the interview. One of the important elements in an interview is Dress etiquette. Let’s discuss about this in the next para.

Dress Etiquette is as important as resume for an interview. No matter how much ever you scrutinize the resume and furnish it, the only thing which first strikes the mind of the interviewer is your appearance. “First impression is the best impression”, this is mainly applied at the time of interview. Say good-bye to the low waist jeans, t-shirts, half-sleeves, tattoos, metallic rings and put on neatly ironed full shirt with polished shoes. Now stop punishing your hair with different gels, spikes and let it rest in peace so that it gives you a professional look. Bunking classes, late entries, pranks, silly thoughts must be kept aside and a friendly professional mannerism must come in to picture. In order to add more professionalism, guys make sure that you won’t forget to wear a tie.  If you are a management student, then tie adds much color to the grace.

And coming to the girls, now you need to keep all your mini-skirts, jeans, sleeve-less tops, glittery gloss, heavy make-up aside and choose a casual wear that can impress the interviewer. A neat hair style clubbed with decent behavior will make your resume in the top list and there can be heavy chances of getting selected. One most common thing, which is observed in students, is the usage of perfumes, deodorants, scents. In the present era, you cannot sustain from using them, but it is important to see that you apply little volume before going to the interview. Else there are heavy chances of you thrown out in case the deo fills the air to the large extent. The heavy smell may irritate the interviewer and leaves you in a bad trauma. So, by following these simple steps you can reach great heights in career. Maintain a decent profile with peace of mind before attending interview. Wish you good luck for a bright future.

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