Monday, September 12, 2011

Brazil Bigg Boss - Oops moment !

Looks like these are days of innovative marketing for self and also for TV shows trying to increase their viewership in these days of stiff competition.

The latest one is that of Bigg Boss TV reality show. In Brazil. The contestant was trying to change her dress right in front of the camera, she tried her best to hide her assets, but only in vain. It was that oops moment which she couldnt avoid happen and the whole world had a glimpse of that. Internet is buzzing with this video and it spreading like wild fire.

The contestant has become an overnight celebrity.No doubt she looks hot and this accidental (?) popping out of her assets has got her instant success.

Whether this was an accident or a delibrate attempt to shoot to fame is debatable. For moment it is a feast to everyone and just enjoy it..have fun guys............

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