Thursday, September 8, 2011

Style Rules To Break (And Great Under $100 Finds!)

By Ariel Kaiser | The Thread – Tue, Sep 6, 2011

You know how when you were growing up there were kids who just positively THRIVED on breaking rules? I was not one of them; those children scared me half to death. Which is why I love breaking stodgy old fashion rules! Are you like me in that you yearn to feel "bad" without getting in trouble? These laws are just begging to be squashed.
1. Don't mix prints!
This rule is as outdated as they come. In fact, print-mixing has been one of the most prominent trends on the runways in recent seasons. I love it because it allows the wearer to take a risk in an unexpected way.
Karl Lagerfeld for Macy's, $99.
2. You can't wear white to a wedding!
OK. This rule DOES still apply to wedding guests, but recently has been amended to exclude the wedding party. Case in point: Pippa Middleton's glamorous Maid of Honor look, Kate Moss's angelic wedding party and Kim Kardashian's bridesmaids. I'm actually seriously considering dressing my lovely bridesmaids in ivory for my wedding next Fall!
3. Open-toed shoes are only for summer!
Not so, I say. As long as the shoe in question doesn't have a super summery sole (like cork or jute), feel free to add a pair of tights to take your favorite peep-toes or sandals into the next season.

4. Glitz and shine do not belong outside before sundown!
People of my dear grandmother's generation (but NOT my grandmother, who loves her glam 24/7) like to think that flashy garb during the day is a total fashion no-no. I disagree! When done tastefully, a little sparkle can spruce up the safest grey sweater, and a sequin cardigan can be the perfect complement to a plain tee and trousers.
5. Always match your purse to your shoes!
In the same vein as the above rule, this is totally outdated. In the past, being prim (a highly sought-after trait in a woman) was achieved by doing things like this, or like, always having coordinating nails and toes. Stir the pot by choosing shoes and a handbag in the same STYLE (i.e., Bohemian or preppy) but different colors/textures.
DSW, $70.
6. Never mix gold and silver jewelry!
No way, man. I'd upload a pic of my right hand ring stack right NOW if my nails weren't so unmanicured. This rule is silly; pile it on tastefully. A well-edited collection of rings or bangles in different metals is actually a very cool and sophisticated look.
7. Denim on denim is tacky!
Not always. When done wrong, I'll admit, the result is the always-hilarious Texas Tuxedo (see also: Canadian, or whichever state/country you're mad at). A hot new trend though is the worn denim shirt, which actually looks lovely paired with a darker or lighter wash of jeans.
Macy's denim top, $45.

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