Sunday, January 22, 2012

Say Good-Bye to ACNE

The foremost problem that is sitting on everyone’s nerve from teens to adults is the ACNE. Not really it affects the adults or old ages, but rapidly is seen in teens and the young adults. It is also a problem of self esteem and self confidence levels for an individual. No matter there are many tablets prescribed by doctors and skin specialists, it repeats the same again and again. So we are here to help you in solving the problem of ACNE. 

Oatmeal face pack
Yes, Oatmeal that is mostly taken to reduce the weight also helps in reducing the ACNE problems. All you need to do is mash the oatmeals with little honey and water. Then make it a thick paste and apply it all over the face. This helps in removing the oils, dirt and lessens the inflammation and redness present on the face.

Oranges and Lemons
Citric fruits like lemons and oranges play a primary role in washing the toxins from your body either in the form of drink or as a peel. Yes in order to avoid the acne, you need to rub the peel on your face or else you can crush the peel and add it to the gram flour. Then you can mix it with water and apply as a face scrub. The astringent of vitamin c present in the fruit will help avoiding the pimples on the face. 

Lavender oil
One of the aroma therapy oils that can give you peace of mind and pleasant glow on your face is the Lavender oil. This reduces the pain and has good effects on the skin. It assists in stimulating the cell growth, minimizing the oil on face, avoiding scarring and lessens the inflammation all together heals the skin.

Potato juice
The superior content of phosphorous, chlorine and potassium present in the potato juice will assist in clearing the blemishes and scars present on the face that are left by the ACNE. You are supposed to use only the raw potatoes as they consist of live organic atoms and this is one of the successful for ACNE.

Egg whites
Whatever might the season or situation, having an egg is always healthy. Most of the doctors recommend the intake of the boiled egg since it contains lot of proteins. Not only health, even for beauty you can make use of the egg white for a clear skin. You have to apply the egg white on the face at the night time and wash the face with cold water next morning. You can observe a difference in your face.

Garlic is one such product that has antiseptic, antibacterial properties. It kills the bad bacteria present on the skin and removes the unnecessary dirt. This also reduces the puffiness and also the inflammatory process of acne.

Who wouldn’t love strawberries? Every one love strawberries because of its taste and smell. The salicylic acid present in the strawberry avoids the scars and acne on the face. They consist of the vitamins and antioxidants that assist to heal the acne scars. You can apply the strawberry gel or the pulp directly on the scars or else you can make in to a thick paste and wash the face with cold water after half an hour.
Not only these even sandal wood paste, aloevera gel, cucumber, rose water and all these help you to have a beautiful skin. So shout at the top of your voice and say to the world that you are the happiest person with a cute smile on the lips.

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