Sunday, January 22, 2012

Fitness regime for 2012

New Year comes in and so are the resolutions. One of the common resolutions that most of us take is shedding the weight this year at any cost. It is the re-repeating resolution that has been passing year by year but results are very less. So this year we are here to help you in reducing the fat in your body. Take a look over these exercises that help you in shedding the weight. 

Quadruped bent knee hip extension:

Such a big word for an exercise! Shocking isn’t it? But you need not worry since it is very easy to work with this exercise. This does not need any machinery or tools. Initially you have to place hands and your knees straight on the floor, and then slowly lift your body upwards by keeping both the hands on the ground. Then gently raise one leg and move hip using your glutes to press your lifted foot up to the ceiling. This will reduce the fat present in the butt and at the same time will reduce your waist size.

Forward lunge:
Very general but it is the superficial one. In order to get more intensity add some weights to the moves.

Step ups:
Dumb bells help you in many ways. If you really want to reduce the extra fat that is stored in your body, then you must take the help of dumb bells and do 12-15 sittings.
Everyone on this Earth from children to teens to adults wants to have a beautiful physique. Not only that, it also improves the overall confidence level in an individual. Having a flat stomach and a strong lower back is the aim of most of the people. Here we are with few exercises that help you in many ways.

Front Plank:
For a perfect stamina and power you must definitely work on Front Plank exercise. Generally the front plank comprises in putting on your stomach with your elbows near to your sides of the body. Also to the shoulders, palms down, fingers facing straight in the front. You have to engage the thigh and abdominal muscles to straighten your legs flex your ankles, lift your torso and thighs off the floor. 

Side Plank:
If you are facing some spine problems and want to build up the stamina then you must work on side Plank. There is a slight difference between the Front Plank and the Side Plank. As the name suggests, you will start the exercise in side way, instead of lifting on your stomach, you must start from the side on one side. 

Bird Dog:
The name is different and unique and it helps in strengthening your lower back. You need to start this exercise on your knees and hands. Firstly engage your core muscles and then uplift the opposite legs, arms constantly. This has to be repeated vice versa and very soon you will know the good feel in the abdominal muscles.
Strengthening your trice-ups is the only way to tone up your upper arms.

Triangle Push Up:
This is the form of regular push up but a slight difference. In the Triangle push up, you have to place your forefingers and thumbs together with your hands straightly beneath your chest. If someone is looking at you, then they will see your body lying on the floor in a triangle shape. This is the reason why this push up is known as Triangle Push Up. This push up will provide strength to your knees.

As the name suggests, the exercise involves carrying the dip bars or else you can make use of weight benches, sturdy chair on which you generally sit. Firstly, you need to place your hands on one side of the hip with the feet together then later you have to expand your legs out forward. Then very gently raise your buttocks off the bench, leaving the hands at the same place and lower your hips on the floor till the upper arms are equivalent to the floor. Then gently push back up with the help of hands. 

Triceps Kick back:
For this exercise, you can make use of dumb bells or even the large cans that mainly brings in uplifting the weights behind your back. Foremost, it is crucial that triceps kick back has to be performed with utmost care to avoid complicated problems.

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