Friday, January 6, 2012

Comparing ebooks: Ipad - Amazon's Kindle - Barnes & Noble's Nook

Amazon's Kindle Fire

Well the much awaited product Kindle fire is finally in to the market and there are various versions about the software used in it. But we are here to shelve off those and give you a clear picture about it. It is a tablet computer version of Amazon’s Kindle e-book reader. The device permits you to get in to the Amazon App store for both entertainment and education related purposes, eBooks and many more. Embedded with the color 7” multi-touch display with IPS technology, it has the Google Android Operating System.

Barnes&Noble's Nook
After reading this, something must have hitting your mind. Yes, it would definitely be Nook Color of Barnes & Noble Nook that has been released a few months ago that was developed with the same aim. It is definitely the right opponent to the Kindle fire. But with the publicity created about the Kindle Fire among the people, now rises a question whether to get the I-pad or the Kindle Fire. Kindle Fire has a sport savvy design and looks like the Black Berry Playbook left with no capacitive buttons and has 7 inch screen, plain black bezel.

Apple's Ipad
If weigh and compare the aspects of both I- pad and Kindle Fire then the content is in competence. The Kindle Fire has Amazon where you can download whole lot of information about the books, entertainment stuff and the same with the I pad where you can view movies, television shows; songs etc. when compared to the I-Pad’s A5 processor, its 64 GB internal storage, 500,000 apps, A5 processor Kindle Fire won’t possess these all. There is only a slight variation regarding the screen resolution between the Kindle Fire and the I-pad. Kindle Fire is a solid built structure and has nice U1. The con part is it has no Android market and restrained codec assistance. The moment you turn on or open the Kindle Fire, it takes not more than half-a-minute to boot and gives you the experience of viewing a range of stylish and trendy back grounds.

The variations among the Nook Color and Kindle Fire are just like a huge competitive debate between two high profile companies. Both of them nearly have the same features among the weight, dimensions, Wi-Fi, battery life, internal storage memory, 7-inch tablets running heavily customized versions of Android and many more. The Nook Color consists of various kind of books, children books, newspapers, periodicals and lot more (higher battery life with that of I-pad) and it is same as Amazon. The only difference or the quality that can pull you towards the Amazon is along with the books it offers you access to the TV shows, movies, music and many more. The Kindle Fire comes with a price tagline of $199, free cloud storage back up and consists of great choice of applications.

To give you a vivid picture, here we have provided you with the information that help you in many ways and a comparison among the Nook Color, I pad and Kindle Fire..and help you make a buying decision.

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