Sunday, January 22, 2012

Diet plans & their effect on your fitness

Having worked and exercised thoroughly for a long time, yet not satisfied with the results of your body shape? Want to shed that fab and have a distinctive figure and a mark of a style icon? If yes, then probably these diets will help you a lot. We have selected a list of diets which keep you fit and your body in right place.

TLC diet
The Therapeutic Life style changes diet, a product of National institutes of health’s national cholesterol program is a recipe developed especially for preventing the cardiovascular diseases. Do follow the diet and you won’t believe that there can be a tremendous change in your weight. Not only that you need not avoid meat or carbohydrate food. 

South Beach Diet
There are both good and bad carbohydrates, fats. So choosing the best from both is the right way for physical fitness. This plan perfectly helps you in loosing time in a short period of time but it only depends on you to maintain the weight in that manner for long period of time.  The long term benefits are mainly depended on you.

Raw food diet
The Raw food diet has his roots since 18th century when a Doctor planned this diet to cure his jaundice with the help of raw foods. The healthy benefit of consuming the raw food is it allows only half of the calories than the cooked vegetables or fruits. This way you keep the weight in control. This type of diet has both long and short term implications, and the diet isn’t recommended to everyone.

Volumetrics diet
One of the best diets that actually scored well in long and short term weight loss categories when compared with others is Volumetrics diet. The benefit from this diet is it controls the decipher for food and reduce the volume of the consumption and makes the best choice that can battle the hunger.

Atkins Diet
Body is an engine and the carbohydrates act as a gas and run the mechanism of the body. Restraining the carbohydrates will turn the body in to a depositor of fat. Atkins diet help to maintain the weight and shed that extra fat within a short period of time. The most important thing is you cannot have a long term effect of losing weight, so people who are urgently in need of reducing their fat for time being can approach Atkins diet.

Slim Fast diet
If you really want to reduce your weight within a short period of time and maintain that balance for long time is only with the help of slim Fast diet. This generally gives you 1,200 calories a day from Slim Fast Snack Bar, 500 calorie meal and replacements like shakes. It takes hardly 50-70 days to lose about 20 pounds of fat. 

Vegan diet
If you really want to reduce the weight without giving way to the temptations then you must follow a particular vegetarian diet. Say bye to meat, poultry, fish, eggs and welcome the fresh fruits and vegetables stuffs that allow you to maintain the diet. It gives you long term effect if you are committed to the rules of the diet.

So stop thinking and start taking immediate action for instant results. Follow this diet and lead a healthy, happy life.

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