According to Canadian news reports, Shia LaBeouf got into a violent altercation outside a Vancouver bar last week. on Tuesday posted video of a man who looked pretty much like LeBeouf on the ground getting pummeled by what pretty much looked like a fat Canadian guy with no shirt. LeBeouf attempted to fight back and ultimately got restrained by a couple of friends who weren't mechanical aliens.
That's right. You better walk away, fat Canadian guy with no shirt. Or my face is gonna unleash even more pain on your knuckles.
According to Vancouver radio station News 1130, the fight began inside the libation-serving Cinema Public House before the bar's security team kicked both men out. The fight didn't end there, however, instead continuing outside the bar on the city's popular Granville Street, where the cameras picked up the action.
It remains unclear what initially sparked the brawl (LaBeouf's rep has not yet addressed the incident), but according to video of the fight obtained by TMZ, it got to the point where the man LaBeouf was fighting eventually ripped off his shirt and was filmed delivering repeated blows to the 25-year-old as he lay on the sidewalk.
After getting up, LaBeouf -- apparently believing a nearby car would change into a giant robot that speaks excellent English and help him -- was held back by friends, one of whom told the actor, "You gotta lay low right now."
LaBeouf seemed perfectly recovered Tuesday, as he was photographed riding his bike and getting coffee around the city with no obvious bruising or injuries.