Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A new Bra designed to 'move with your figure'

By Maysa Rawi

Last updated on 12th October 2011

Genie braThe bra retails at £39.99 for a pack of three, in black, white and nude, and six support pads you can slip into invisble pockets for an enhanced look
The Genie Bra, available in dress sizes 8-22, has been designed to mould to the correct cup size without underwiring, hooks or adjustable straps
With fiddly straps, uncomfortable changing rooms and in-store fittings, shopping for bras is daunting for most women.
But now lingerie-designers have come up with the ultimate solution - a sports bra-style garment that offers total support with no underwiring, hooks or adjustable straps.
The Genie Bra has sold a million units in the U.S in just one week and sold out in four hours online in the UK.
But fans can still get their hands on one as it launches on the High Street this month.
The bra, available in UK dress sizes 8-22, has been designed to move with the figure, moulding to the correct cup size.
The crop top, retailing at £39.99 for a pack of three, can also be worn to sleep in, during exercise and by expectant or nursing mothers.
The wide comfort band provides lift and support whilst the seamless cup design makes it almost invisible under sheer shirts and tops.
Before and AfterBefore and After
The bra, retailing at £39.99 for a pack of three, in black, white and nude, provides lift and support while seamless cups make it almost invisible under sheer shirts
Before and After(back)Before and After(back)
The Genie Bra, launching in Tesco and Bhs this month, promises to rid the wearer of bust spillage and back fat
It also comes with insert pockets to offer more coverage by slipping in the extra soft full coverage support pads for an enhanced, sexy, shapelier look.
Each pack contains a white, black and nude bra and six full coverage support pads.
A New Image Genie Bra spokesperson said: 'We are delighted to be launching in Tesco and Bhs.
'Over 80% of women in the UK are wearing the wrong size bra.
'Now, finally they can wave goodbye to bad posture, chafing, neck, shoulder, and post operative pain with the New Image Genie Bra.'

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