Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Katy Perry is larking about on a roof

Posted by Grant Howitt, 07 June 2011

Look, it’s Katy Perry! She’s on a roof! Oh, Katy, will your wacky hi-jinks never cease? First you’re telling us you kissed a girl, then you married ghoulish funnyman Russell Brand, and now you’re larking about on a roof. Tsk.
Katy Perry is – as you can see, and have already read – on a roof. She’s on a roof because she’s having some pictures taken as part of a photoshoot. The pictures you see here, though, aren’t part of that photoshoot – rather, they’re a photos shot of a photoshoot for non-photoshoot reasons.

Katy Perry on a rooftop
Haunted bannister was scared of girls
Phew, it's getting a bit Yes Minister in here. If you type the word “photoshoot” enough times it stops making sense pretty quickly.
We’re a bit sad because being on a roof is pretty exciting and if she’s only up there for a photoshoot it’s kind of disappointing. Just think of all the fun things she could be doing up there:
- Spitting on cars
- Believing she can fly
- Looking down ladies’ tops (we ALL DO IT don't pretend you're a saint)
- Preparing for an 'extreme' and 'radical' BASE jump
- Doing some 'street art' for a hip new mobile phone or car ad campaign
- Cadging a fly cigarette when she’s supposed to be working

Katy Perry on a rooftop
Also, in case you've forgotten what they look like, here are some breasts
- Fleeing from the zombie hordes
- Throwing pennies at tourists
- Engaging in a gunfight with grey-suited Agent programs bent on crushing the resistance
- Cleaning windows and 'gettin’ her end away cor blimey guv’nor' in a cheap-and-cheerful 1970s sex romp
- Lining up the crosshairs on her high-powered sniper rifle, ready to take out an international arms dealer
And many more. But no. It’s a 'photoshoot'/ Pfft. What a rip.

Posting source: http://www.fhm.com/girls/news/katy-perry-is-larking-about-on-a-roof-81418

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