Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Murray embarrassed by mom’s swooning over opponent’s looks

Murray embarrassed by mom’s swooning over opponent’s looks
Like most sons, Andy Murray gets embarrassed by his mother sometimes. Unlike most sons, it's because his mom has been swooning over the good looks of a tennis player that Murray will play in the Wimbledon quarterfinals.
Murray's mother and coach, Judy, has jokingly referred to Spanish tennis player Feliciano Lopez as "Deliciano" via Twitter, a reference to certain aesthetic qualities Lopez has that are of interest to the superficial female. (The ladies think he's handsome. The men, too, for that matter.) The nickname has caught on and has become a running gag during the fortnight at the All England Club. Lopez himself said it's funny while insisting that countryman Rafael Nadal has more female fans. Just about the only person who isn't laughing is Andy.
When asked about Judy's ogling of Lopez, the son responded:
"I think it's about time she stopped that nonsense. Makes me want to throw up. It's disgusting.
"I was practicing with him before the tournament and my mum was on the side. I shouted across the net, I said, 'Feli, if we sit down for a drink, if you could take a picture with my mom, because she thinks you're beautiful'.
"She went bright red. Refused to take the picture. Quite funny. Not like her."
Andy's comments were said in jest, but his tone made it clear that he's not exactly a fan of his mom's new status as president of the Deliciano fan club.
Judy's Twitter ogling has inspired British oddsmakers, too. Some bookies in London are taking wagers on whether Lopez will blow Murray's mother a kiss during their match on Wednesday (10/1) or whether Judy will wolf whistle at the Spaniard (20/1).
Her Deliciano attraction will have to take a backseat on Wednesday, when Andy meets Lopez in a Wimbledon quarterfinal. There's little doubt about who Judy will be rooting for. After all, blood is thicker than eye candy.

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