Thursday, June 30, 2011

Weird baby names from the 19th century

Posted By Yahoo Lifestyle, Wednesday, 29 June 2011 14:54 BST
Attention-seeking celebs aren’t the only ones to come up with unusual names for their offspring.
Sparrow, Jermajesty and Audio-Science are among the bizarre choices from the present day - but it seems some names were just as strange over 200 years ago.
Popular baby names during the 19th century were more traditional – in nature, like John and Mary - but a select few newborns were given truly unique monikers.
Family tree website Genes researched through 750 million records from the British birth registry and census data from 1841 and 1911.
Their research shows parents who registered their children during those years had surprising imagination.
One baby, who was possibly unplanned by his parents, was given the first name, Mistaker.
Mistaker Greenway was one of around 1,000 kids who stood out for being the only person in Britain with that particular name, along with boys called Roxley and Rollan and girls Tomilo and Nanis.
A boy born in the 19th century was called Oreal - possibly because he was worth it? 
The list also highlighted how popular names were combined together, like Marymolly and Genabee for girls and ancient Greek and Spanish inspired names Narcisso and Ramous were chosen for boys.
Rhoda Breakell, of Genes, said: "We found truly interesting names. I feel very sorry for the baby called 'Mistaker'."

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