Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Newquay bans sex toys and crude T-shirts

By Orlando Parfitt
Council chiefs in Newquay will crack down on sex toys and crude T-shirts in a bid to clean up the Cornish town’s image.
Police now have the power to seize T-shirts emblazoned with offensive language and “inflatable toys depicting sex organs" as part of a new 'no nonsense' strategy to tackle rowdy party goers.
Newquay is Britain’s most popular destination for stag and hen parties, and is famous for its ‘drink-till-dawn’ atmosphere.
Unhappy residents have demanded action over anti-social behaviour from revellers and according to Dave Sleeman, chairman of the Newquay Town Residents Association, the problem is “getting worse”.
He said: “I recently saw a guy who was stark naked, hanging out of a window waving a sex toy and shouting at women going past in the street - it was ten o'clock on a Saturday morning.
“I don't see why we should have that in our town - there are people who come here for Friday and Saturday and they make the town centre into a no-go area.”
Inspector lan Drummond-Smith of Devon and Cornwall police said each case would be judged “on its own merits”, but added: “People come down to have a good time and the majority don't want to see these things - if it discourages people from coming then so be it - we have got to think of the families.”
Newquay has been trying to tackle its binge drinking problem since two teenagers died as a result of drunken nights out two years ago. They launched the ‘Safe’ scheme to help highlight the dangers of drinking too much and, most recently, to stop adults buying booze for underage drinkers.

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