Wednesday, June 29, 2011

She’s got it! Venus’s fabulous fashion sense

Tue, Jun 28, 2011 13:37
Venus has been wearing a "jumper" on court at Wimbledon.
She may be out of the running for this year's Wimbledon women's tennis title, but we couldn't allow Venus Williams to bow out without taking a peep at her eye-popping fashion choices.
First and foremost, let's look at the outfit she's been wearing on court this year. She calls it a "jumper". Others have insisted it's a cut-off toga.
After careful inspection, we've concluded it's a "little playsuit thing". We're laughing now - but this time next year, everyone will be dressed like this. Possibly.
By the way, this is what it looks like from the back...
A rear view of Venus's Wimbledon "jumper".
Still, Wimbledon's all-white dress code means Venus hasn't been able to dig out her colourful outfit from the Australian Open again - a shocking yellow frock with multi-shade skirt and peek-a-boo criss-cross effect at the midriff...
Venus wore an Alice-inspired dress for the Australian Open.
The player later revealed her dress had been inspired by Alice in Wonderland. We don't recall seeing Alice in this kind of get-up - but maybe they have a different version of the children's classic in the US.
Oh, and this is what she wore for last year's French Open...
Venus raised eyebrows with her frilly outfit in Paris.
Apparently, it was inspired by Moulin Rouge. Ooh-la-la! (Where we come from, that's called a nightie - but each to their own.)

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