Thursday, June 30, 2011

Google+ Invites: Get Access to Google’s New Social Network [CONTEST]

Google is rolling out its social network, Google+, to the masses, and we have a bunch of invites to give away.
Google+ was unveiled yesterday as the company’s answer to Facebook. It has features common to Facebook like news streams and photo albums, but also includes unique features such as Hangouts, which lets up to 10 people enter a simultaneous group video chat.
Originally, Google only let a small number of test users into its social network, but on Wednesday it gave Google+ users the ability to invite others. That means we have a few invites to give away, and we’d like to give them away to you, our readers. We can’t give them to everybody though, so we’re running a small content.
The contest is simple: comment on this article (the comments are below) and answer this question: Why do you want a Google+ invite? We’ll choose our top 25 favorite answers (possibly more) and send those people invites from the Mashable Google+ account.
We will do our best to send out invites to Google+ tonight, but it may take us some time to send them out.
What are you waiting for? We want to hear why you’re looking to snag a Google+ invite in the comments.
Update: Google has temporarily shut off Google+ invites. We’ve sent out a few, and we’ll send out the rest when Google reopens invites.

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