Sunday, January 22, 2012

Fruits that help to keep you fresh and healthy

Chilly mornings, bonfires in the night and a warm soup is what generally we love to have in the winter season. Not only that, there will be a tremendous difference in the life style and food habits, craving for some really hot stuffs that put on high calories and weight. Then what is the best way to overcome this? In order to help you, we have listed seven fruits that will keep you cozy and act as oxidants fight with the restlessness. 

An Apple a day keeps the doctor away!
As the proverb says, so is the result. The most nutritious fruit and the one that has the highest levels of heart-healthy antioxidants widely grown in US are Apples. Low in calories, every 100 g of fresh fruit slices give only 50 calories. The C-vitamin and beta carotene present in the apple work like an antioxidant and save us from infections and provide the resistance power. There are also various health benefits like management of diabetes, weight loss, prevention of various cancers and a help for Asthma patients.

Delightfully saccharine and tasty kumquat fruit is highly delicious and one of the sweetest fruit that is avidly grown in China. They are usually small in size and contain heavy resistant power to fight against diseases that are mostly present in their edible skin. Low in calories it contains good level of B-complex group of vitamins like pantothenic acid, folates, niacin, thiamin and pyridoxine. There are various tasty recipes associated with this fruit and can be served to everyone.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Fruit, How I wonder what you are?
Carambolas or Star Fruit as the name suggests they look like stars when the fruit is cut opened. Taking its roots from countries like South Florida and Hawaii they are yellow colored fruit which care for your heart and consist high amounts of fibre, potassium and are superior in inflammation-lessening polyphenols. They can be eaten as ripe or dried or even heated for tasty and yummy recipes. The juice acts as a body fresher for fully tired people and has many health benefits.

Yellow Apple- Quinces
Resembling exactly the shape of Apple except the yellow color make you feel that it is a dearest cousin to Apples and Pears. A perfect healthy fruit that can protect you against Flu has lot more health benefits like double the protein value of Apples, fights as a super antioxidant. Mainly grown in Caucasous regions, USA and Asian parts it is known for its varied tastes in different parts of the world. Best served as snacks and breakfast, they keep you fresh throughout the day.

Rambutans mostly known as Hula berry are mostly grown in the time of winter season and stay till March. They consist of anthocyanins, flavanoids and help in controlling the cardiovascular problems, chronic diseases and serve more benefits than Green tea. A power house of calcium, iron and rich proteins they must be consumed in a time period of two days or refrigerate them and cover them in a plastic bag.
Want to taste the Dragon eye? Shocked? Yes, it is the other names of Longans a powerful fruit that acts against the infections like scavengers and prevents the flu, stomach upset, fever and many more. Taking the roots from Peurto rico, Hawaii they are best served as desserts, fruit salads, snacks. Not only that, in order to have a lustrous hair you can use them as shampoos as they contain superficial amount of Saponin.
Richer than Apple, it is highly recommended to have Persimmons as a daily dose to prevent the stroke, heart attacks and cardiovascular diseases. Giving a taste of apricots, plums they are spicy and can be best served with cakes, breads, pureed in ice creams and holiday puddings.

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