Monday, September 12, 2011

10 best budget beauty buys under £10


Matte Powder Blush, £7.99, Revlon: With make-up artist extraordinaire, Gucci Westman at the helm, Revlon has seriously up it’s game. We love the matte blusher, not only does it come in a handy compact with a slide-out mirror and brush, but the formula is really quite something.
While it might be called ‘powder’, it has a very creamy texture, which offers a smoother more natural look.
The brush is the perfect shape for applying to the cheeks. Simple suck your cheeks in, coat the brush with powder and sweep from the apple of your cheek down your cheekbone until you’re in line with your nose for the perfect rosy finish.


Skin Tint, £10, Topshop: It was a very close call between this and Topshop’s highlighter, but the skin tint just won it (as soon as you try it you’ll know why).

Don’t be alarmed by the thick texture, it absorbs super fast and leaves an unexpected, but very pleasant soft, moisturised finish. The tint has the added bonus of a talc-like smell too.
However, there is one downfall with this product and that is the lack of shades. With only light, medium and dark available at the moment, you might have to dilute the tint with your normal moisturiser. Here’s to hoping more shades will be released soon



Gel liner, £4, Avon: Having an Avon gel liner in your make-up bag is practically law at Red Online, and for good reason. Its low price point and pencil format is deceiving, but don’t underestimate this liner.
It literally glides on providing a thick kohl-like look, however because of the genius pencil form, you can achieve a precise flick.
Try applying the liner to your upper and lower lids, as close to your lashes as possible, and smudgy lightly with fingers for a subtle smoky eye


Indulgent Nourishment Shea Body Lotion, £3.40, Dove: Dove skincare products have a place on every list of ultimate budget beauty buys, especially the body moisturiser.
However, Dove has gone one step further with their newest addition, Indulgent Nourishment Body Lotion with Shea Butter. The added ingredient, shea butter gives skin an extra boost of moisture and smells divine. Skin is left silky smooth, even heels, and there’s no sticky finish - overall, amazing value for money


Lycra Pro Nail Polish, £4.59, Rimmel: Vibrant violet is one of the key colours for autumn/winter 2011 and was seen across an array of catwalks.
While it might not be everyone’s first choice of nail polish shade, the pastel green and blues that have been in favour over the summer, have paved the way for purple polish.
Rimmel is renowned for a rainbow of colour choices and a long-lasting finish. The round-shape brush tip makes painting both finger


Masterpiece Waterproof Mascara, £8.99, Max Factor: Finding a good all-rounder mascara for under £10 is no mean feat, but we think we might have just done it with Max Factor’s Masterpiece Waterproof. While it won’t provide a dramatic lash overhaul, it does help separate and visibly lengthen lashes in a matter of seconds. The traditional wand shape coats lashes equally and efficiently, while the formula definitely leaves up to its waterproof promise


Daily Calming Facial Lotion, £5.95, Palmers: Palmers new range of facial skincare is a must-buy for those who care about their skin, but are on a budget.
Enriched with plant extracts and Palmers signature cococa butter, the calming facial lotion is our favourite product from the range.
A good face moisturiser is essential and this lotion is deeply moisturising. The texture is thick, but once absorbed, it leaves a dry, lightweight finish, almost like a second skin. If you’re looking for a simple, nourishing moisturiser, Palmers definitely competes with higher end moisturisers


Eye Shadow Palette, £4, MUA: Channelling the sophisticated smoky eye has never been so cheap thanks so MUA Cosmetics. The impressive twelve-colour eye palette offers every shade you need to achieve a subtle, but sultry look, and it even comes with the brushes.
Each shadow has a creamy, velvety texture, which really helps when you’re blending the shades. Our top tip would be to start with the lighter colours, applying with the brush, but as you start adding darker tones, use your finger to blend for a real smoky effect.
The palette is without a doubt, a real pleasure to use


Long wear satin lip cream in ‘Thalia’, £8.50, Me Me Me: Dark berry lips are very on-trend for autumn/winter’s grunge beauty look and Me Me Me’s ‘Thalia’ lip cream is perfect for achieving the rich shade. If the grunge trend doesn’t appeal to you though, don’t reject the colour straight away. Experiment with applying the cream onto the middle of your lips and blending with your finger. This will help develop a deep, burgundy-pink colour, which is the perfect make-up look if you’re tapping into the lady-like fashion trend


Hot Cloth Cleanser, £2.99, Superdrug: Not only is Superdrug’s Hot Cloth Cleanser practical, it’s also ultra pampering. Despite the incredibly low price point, the cleanser has a thick, rich consistency that goes onto skin smoothly. The muslin cloth is then dampened with hot water and used to remove dirt and make-up. This helps to open pores and give skin a deep cleanse.
Enriched with vitamin E and horse chestnut extract, which helps soothe dry skin, the cleanser cleans and nourishes skin, leaving it literally glowing afterwards. Added cacao seed butter gives the cleanser a delicious scent and skin an added moisture boost

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