Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A3 Tablet Book: The future of tablet computing

British designer Phil Pauley has come up with a concept tablet that could be the next step forward in personal computing.

The A3 concept tablet looks like a laptop more than a tablet.

Users can fold it like an A4 book, or use it on a desk like a laptop, or if they prefer, they can totally flat this device like a piece of paper.

The Tablet can be used on a variety of surfaces, and in many different ways; folded like A4 book, on a desk like a laptop, or totally flat like an A3 piece of paper.

The tablet fully supports landscape and portrait viewing, and each screen be used individually, or combined to make 1 larger viewing area.

It includes 6 cameras for normal and Stereoscopic 3D recording/playback, incorporating two clusters of three cameras.

The top camera acts as a normal video/picture coms system while the twin pair at the bottom produce the Stereoscopic 3D for the same purpose.

The A3 Tablet Book with its advanced built in wireless technology will automatically find Wi-Fi Networks and 3G Connectivity.

The A3 Tablet Book can be ideal for playing games, listening to music, watching TV or movies or just staying connected through interactive media.

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