Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Calgary's Kate lookalikes, Royal-watchers await arrival today of Canadian tour

Hey, is that Kate among the cattle?
Why is the Duchess of Cambridge taking a lunch break in downtown Calgary?
Anticipation is amping up for next week's Calgary stopover onPrince William and his wife Catherine's Canadian tour.
Calgary's Kate lookalikes, Royal-watchers await arrival today of Canadian tour
But royal watchers may be doing a few double takes in the meantime.
Calgary lawyer Kate Ryder and Holly Ferrier, who ranches west of High River, might not have too much in common, but they do share some particular characteristics that set them apart.
With their wavy, brunette locks and high cheekbones, each makes for more than a passable body double for the royal bride.
"I don't look identical, but people say, 'Oh, you look familiar,' and then figure out why," says Ferrier, 25.
Ryder, 29, first made heads turn in the lead-up to the April royal nuptials.
The Calgary lawyer has also had some unusual requests to market her looks, including an invitation to do a wedding fashion shoot in Jacksonville, Fla.
Ryder says she's not too worried about being mistaken for Prince William's wife.
"I don't drive around in a motorcade. I think that will be a little bit of a giveaway," she said jokingly.
Neither Kate look-alike has definite plans to cross paths with the royals during the couple's two-day stint in Calgary, which begins next Thursday.
Ferrier, who also shares a Jan. 9 birthday with Kate Middleton even though they're four years apart in age, spends long hours working on her boyfriend's sprawling family ranch in the heart of cattle country south of Calgary.
"We're going to be working, unfortunately. We'd love to check them out."
A few people have mentioned that her boyfriend, Jonathan Morrison, looks somewhat like Prince William. Ferrier says her own royal resemblance has garnered more attention in the last few months.
"I kind of wonder if maybe more will happen after they visit here," she says.
Ryder doesn't have any plans to change her regular Stampedeschedule to allow for the royal visit. She says she'll pull on a pair of cowboy boots and take in the parade, as usual.
The lawyer admits she'd love to catch a glimpse of the duchess, who is set to drive the parade route with Prince William before the Friday festivities kick off.
"I think it would be cool to see her in person -everyone looks different in person -to see if there are similarities I can pick out.
"I find it really funny."

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