Tuesday, July 5, 2011

TOWIE’s Lydia Bright chats being single, her hot new figure and the Mark/Lauren saga…

We chatted exclusively to Lydia Bright
EVEN though The Only Way Is Essex is currently on its summer hols, we can't get enough of our new favourite TV stars. And so we were thrilled when we were offered the chance to have a cuppa (of Lipton Ice Tea) with one of our faves on the show - Lydia Bright. The Essex lass looked drop-dead-gorge in a floaty Miss Selfridge maxi when we met her in Soho. And she couldn't have been lovelier as we gossiped about her hot new figure, her new single status & THOSE Mark/Lauren rumours.
Have a nosy...
Hey Lydia, you're looking absolutely gorgeous. How did you get in such good shape?
Before the second series I wanted to get fit and I kick-started it by going to a boot camp. That helped me lose 5 pounds and it just went from there. Since then I've just tried to be really healthy. I've been so busy just walking around and the weight just keeps on dropping off.
We love your fashion choices on and off the show... is it something you're passionate about?
I've always loved fashion. My mum, nan and aunt were in fashion. It's always been something I've been brought up with. I love experimenting with my look which is quite hard in Essex where everyone wears the same style.
It's festival season so what are your tips for looking good in the mud?
Get a wicked pair of wellies. I love Hunter wellies. Jazz up your look with a wicked jacket and a hat (like a trilby or cowboy hat) as it will quirk up an outfit.
Where do you shop on the High Street?
I love New Look. They've changed so much recently and are so cheap. Also Miss Selfridge and Top Shop. I'm not really a High Street girl as I always want to wear vintage or boutique stuff as I hate having things everyone else wears.
We're dying to know, are you and Arg back together?
No we're not back together at the moment. We're just friends. We're keeping it at that.I need to have some time for myself so I can focus on things like this [the campaign] and focus on myself and not have to worry.
We hated watching you cry back in the last series. Do you reckon there'll be happier times ahead?
Hopefully Series 3 isn't as emotional for me because it was really hard for me and when it was over I was relieved. I just want to be able to be myself.
TOWIE's Lydia told us she and Arg are NOT back together
So if Arg is out of the picture, who would you ideally love to be with (or who's your biggest celeb crush)
I love Leonardo di Caprio (when he was in Titanic). I also love Hugh Grant and his cheeky chapiness. I did really love the way that Jude Law looked but he's just such a player I've gone off him big time.
Back to reality and TOWIE. What's the latest on the Mark/Lauren love story?
I think they're ok at the moment. They've always gone through this rollercoaster relationship and I hope they can sort things out and if he is playing around he just needs to nip himself in the bud because it's getting absolutely ridiculous. It's so hard for her. I know that they love each other so that makes a good couple but I just really hope that he's serious and that the things that are coming out are not true.
What do you make of the the TOWIE follow-ups Made In Chelsea, Geordie Shore etc?
The press made a big thing about the rivalry but for us it's nothing. We're all fine with each other. I've not had chance to watch them but they seem like such lovely people. It's crazy, this whole new genre of TV.
As we're omg! tell us the last time you had an omg! moment
Probably this Lipton Iced Tea thing. The campaign is 'Don't knock it before you try it'. I'm doing all these things I wouldn't normally do. Pushing myself out of my comfort zone like swimming with sharks.

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