Wednesday, July 6, 2011

EXCLUSIVE: How Tori Spelling Celebrated Independence Day

How Tori Spelling Celebrated Independence Day
How Tori Spelling Celebrated Independence Day
Tuesday – July 05, 2011 – 5:55pm

The Spelling-McDermott household was all about celebrating independence day!
In a new blog post for ediTORIal, pregnant Tori Spellinggave a play-by-play of her California beach day with hubbyDean McDermott and their kids Liam, 4 and Stella, 3.
"We had an amazing family 4th of July. Just the four of us and my growing bump spent the day in Malibu," Spelling, 38, told Us Weekly. "We cooked and played all day and then saw an amazing fireworks display right off the beach on a barge. It was the first time the kids appreciated and loved fireworks. It was great to share with them and see a joyous holiday thru their eyes!"
The family's dog, Minnie, also got in on the action. "She's a rescue and had never even been to the ocean," Spelling said.
McDermott, 44, hit the waves on a custom-made paddle board. The board featured a svelte mermaid, which Spelling joked was "supposed to be me -- obviously before pregger city!"
The family indulged on deep fried dill pickles, BBQ, hotdogs wrapped in bacon and onion dip with Ruffles. "Hello preggo cravings," Spelling quipped

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