Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Everyone look at Joe Johnson’s giant truck

Everyone look at Joe Johnson’s giant truck
It's the same old story. Locked out NBA player returns back to his college to run a basketball camp, and brings a truck that possibly might be worth up to a quarter of a million dollars with him. The kids at the camp like basketball, and are enjoying the camp, but all they really want to know about is that giant, giant truck. And apparently, over the weekend, all the camp kiddies in question wanted to know about Atlanta Hawk guard Joe Johnson's(notes) massive Ford truck. And also why he makes so much money, which they could probably guess from ... well, look at the size of his truck!
Back in 2008, when word bubbled up about Johnson's massive Ford F-650 Super Truck XUV, we missed out on posting about it on Ball Don't Lie. Maybe because there wasn't a lockout to battle against. Or maybe it's because Joe's new paint job has sent us over the moon.
Either way, Joe's still truck'-er, toolin' around in this diesel-powered beast, which can apparently hold 200 gallons of fuel at a time, which means even despite the poor mileage Johnson no doubt gets, he has to fuel up about once every solstice. Which is also a terrible name for a car, but not a bad car at all.
Joe got back into the news with the truck over the weekend as he met up with kiddie campers on the University of Arkansas (he's a product) campus, and though I'm sure there were plenty of questions about Joe's footwork on a 1/3 screen and roll and just where exactly he thinks the BRI should end up in the upcoming labor negotiations this November (smart kids, these are), that didn't stop a few of them from wondering about the truck, along with a zing:
During a Q&A session Johnson was asked by a kid attending camp: "How much did you pay for your car?" Johnson, of course, declined to answer. Johnson was later asked by an incoming basketball player why he "makes more than Kobe [Bryant]."
Johnson, a Little Rock native, has come a long way from his college days. Former teammateJannero Pargo(notes) provided some insight when a camper asked if Johnson owned any video games:
"I remember he'd take out a loan to get a PlayStation 3", Pargo said.
Nice line, Jannero Pargo. And, if anyone is still wondering, the price of this car plus the features he's installed like runs well past $200k. A lot of money, just well within budget for someone that makes, well, more than Kobe Bryant(notes).

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