Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Missed it by that much: Marathoner loses $27K by one second

Missed it by that much: Marathoner loses $27K by one secondTime is money, and in the case of Kenyan marathoner Nicholas Manza Kamakaya, one second cost him $27,000.
At the Gold Coast Marathon in Queensland, Australia, Kamakaya won his first marathon, finishing in 2:10:01, earning him $10,000. The marathon offered a $27,000 bonus for a time of 2:10 or under, meaning that if Kamakaya had taken just one second less, he would have nearly tripled his payday.
He is capable of running a sub-2:10, as his record is 2:08:49, set at the Beijing Marathon,but he claimed he didn't mind.
"I'm just happy. For me it's so nice [to win]," said Manza. "It's very special for me because it's my first time in Australia and I'm happy because I've run the course record."
Kudos to him for having a good attitude. Considering he took second place at Beijing and Los Angeles, and sixth at Rome, getting his first win must be sweet.
But one second costing him $27,000? Ouch. Here's hoping that with every second that passes by he continues to focus on the 10-grand he did win, and not dwell on the money he lost out on.

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