Friday, July 1, 2011

'Jersey Shore' Fight May Have Been Staged, Sock Continuity Suggests

By Tara Ariano, The Set | Thursday, June 30, 2011, 9:59 AM

The tell-tale socks!
"Which fight?" Reader, that is a fair question. This is, after all, "Jersey Shore" we're talking about; it could be any one of the roughly 17 dozen fights the show has featured in its relatively brief run thus far.
In this case, the fight dates from "Gone, Baby, Gone," the tenth episode of the show's second season. The scene: The gang, minus Angelina, returns from the club to find Angelina in a salty mood. When Angelina complains that Snooki has picked up a guy Angelina had been seeing, insults fly back and forth until, finally, Snooki asks one of her roommates to hold her earrings, know what that means.
But, as Reddit user ThePettingZoo noticed this week, the editing of this fight scene is somewhat curious. Check out these screengrabs, featuring J-WOWWW's amazing disappearing/reappearing socks!
This doesn't necessarily mean that the fight was staged. Maybe J-WOWWW left in the middle of it to take her white socks off so she wouldn't get any of either combatant's blood on them, but then her feet were too cold and she had to put them on again. Maybe the fight went on so long that the weather outside changed and J-WOWWW was uncomfortable, and the most dramatic moments of the actual struggle were cut together in the wrong order. But let's be honest: That the fight unfolded across more than one take is the likeliest scenario. (MTV hadn't responded to a request for comment as of press time.)
I hate to send you off on your July 4th long weekend with the suggestion that an art form as American as reality television may not quite live up to the "reality" portion of its name. Please don't lose faith in the genre altogether! Catch an "America's Next Top Model" marathon or something over the next few days, and try to believe again.

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