Friday, July 1, 2011

Police quiz boy over thrown apple

Police have launched an investigation after officers woke a 13-year-old boy to quiz him about throwing an apple at school.

Police investigated a complaint that an apple was thrown by a boy and bruised the arm of a fellow pupil at St Helena School in Colchester
Father of three Clive Lindoe, from Great Horkesley near Colchester, Essex, said two officers called at his home at 11.20pm on Saturday to quiz his son Charlie.
The visit came after a complaint that Charlie had thrown an apple and bruised the arm of a fellow pupil at St Helena School in Colchester.
Mr Lindoe told the Essex County Standard: "The officers were absolute bullies and scared the life out of my children.
"They forced him into signing a piece of paper promising not to do it again."
He added: "It's just kids growing up and messing about, but the other child's parents felt they needed to contact the police.
"They came round here being brutish and bullying and scared my children very late on a Saturday night - I had to get them out of bed."
A spokesman for Essex Police said: "We have received a complaint from Mr Lindoe, which will be investigated.
"An appointment has been made to speak to Mr Lindoe to take details of his complaint on Thursday.
"While a complaint is being investigated, it would be inappropriate to comment any further."

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