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Celebrity Wedding Makeovers -- Should Kim Kardashian Get One?

by The chicks at, on Thu Jun 2, 2011 4:02pm PDT

Weddings provide the perfect excuse for getting a makeover. Everyone's eyes are on you and while you don't want a shockingly different makeover like these celebs tried you want to look like the 2.0 version of yourself. Oh sorry, that's tech-speak for you: optimized. Celebrity brides (or brides to be) are of course no exception to the "I have to look the best I've ever looked in my life"-wedding day panic and therefore are infamous for their pre-nuptial transformations. Whether it's weight loss, a change of hair color or even surgery, they go for it.
We're hoping bride-to-be Kim Kardashian (one of many celebrities we think could use a style change) switches things up for her "I do's." Not a monster change, maybe just something as simple as opting for less makeup *cough* tarantula eyes *cough* and a subtle, more natural look.
What do you think? Do you think she needs a makeover for her wedding day?

I mean, if these two celebrity bridal makeovers made news, imagine what a stir a red-headed, bobbed, fresh-faced Kim would cause. (Kidding!)

LeAnn Rimes Getting in shape is on most brides 'to do' list, but be careful to not overdo it. Newlywed LeAnne Rimes has lost more than just a few pounds in the past year or so -- not that she was ever overweight to begin with. Despite causing potential health risks, "if [your] body weight is too low, then the muscles start to weaken and skin starts to hang," says Elisabeth Halfpapp, cofounder of Core Fusion at Exhale Spas. "Also, your posture starts to lose its upright energetic stance and the muscles are unable to support the bones properly." 

Ashlee Simpson She's gone short, long, blonde, brunette and red, but it's not just Ashlee Simpson's hair color (or Facebook marriage status) that's changed. She's also undergone another kind of makeover: Rhinoplasty. "Ashlee's new nose makes her cheekbones pop!" says hairstylist Ungaro. It's certainly changed her "pretty girl next door" image and made her face look a lot more chiseled.
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