Friday, June 24, 2011

Defying gravity: Tokyo photographer 'levitates'

Natsumi Hayashi makes flying look easy. But the self-portraits that seem to show the Toyko photographer levitating above the ground are actually the result of a lot of hard work. "Sometimes I need to jump more than 300 times to get the perfect shot," Hayashi told Hayashi blogs a levitating picture-of-the-day each day on her website, (Stephanie Pappas, LiveScience )

After seeing an old phone booth in a Tokyo suburb, Natsumi Hayashi was fascinated by the idea of using it in a photo. "I was inspired by the beautiful pale blue color of the glass windows to take the shot," Hayashi said

"This vacant lot reminds me an open space where I played often when I was a little child," Hayashi said. "Everything in this shot perfectly matches to the memories from my childhood." 

"Most buildings in Tokyo are new or clean," Hayashi said. She was inspired to take this photo at an old, abandoned building.
"I prefer to use backlight instead of using direct light," Hayashi said. "This shot was taken in that manner."

"When I take a 'levitation' photo with a crowd of people, collaboration with passersby is the most important part," Hayashi said. "Kids are always very cooperative."

"I love seeing graffiti by kids," Hayashi said. "In this shot, a boy's name and a girl's name are written under one umbrella, which means they are in love."    
"This shot was taken at a tiny amusement park built on a roof of a department store," Hayashi said. 

“Most train stations in center of Tokyo have huge steel structures," Hayashi said. "I took this shot under a steel bridge of a platform." 
"I didn't plan to have this man in this shot," Hayashi said. "Then I noticed he had a bag from a famous camera store in Tokyo. As he passed by, I suddenly came up with an idea about 'levitating' towards him. "'Please show me what is inside your bag'' was the line I imagined."

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