Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Eva Mendes Sings In New Fragrance Commercial!

Eva Mendes Sings In New Fragrance Commercial!
Credit: Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images for Thierry Mugler
Monday – June 27, 2011 – 12:13pm

Eva Mendes' beautiful hair recently landed her a gig with Pantene alongside Naomi Watts, and now the brunette bombshell is replacing her blonde counterpart in another beauty campaign, as the face of Angel by Thierry Mugler.
The actress, 37, stepped out last week in New York City in a custom Nicola Formichetti dress to promote a lighter eau de toilette version of the popular fragrance. She revealed that in addition to lending her gorgeous face to the forthcoming ads, she also sings in the commercial which will air this fall.
"It was my idea," she tells Us Weekly. "They presented me with the song 'Windmills of Your Mind,' and they wanted to modernize it so I said, 'Well, this happens to be one of my favorite songs, I'll sing it.' It fits the commercial so beautifully."

And while Mendes didn't plan on showing off her singing skills, she's been working with a voice coach for the last few years. "I always take random classes that will help kind of keep my instrument in good working condition. So I'll take vocal lessons or some dance classes, so I always think that you have to be prepared for certain opportunities that are going to come your way."
As for the fragrance, which has been a top seller for 20 years, Mendes says  that it's always been one of her favorites. "It’s so strong but feminine. It has an addictive nature to it and that, I really respond to."

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