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Katy Perry Does 8-Costume Change Magic Trick In 'Hot N Cold' Performance

Posted Wed Jun 8, 2011 5:20pm PDT by Billy Johnson, Jr. in Video Ga Ga
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Katy Perry has 15 costume changes during the set for her "Teenage Dream" tour that opened Tuesday at the Gwinnett Center Arena in Atlanta. But eight of the outfit swaps take place during the performance of her song "Hot N Cold."
Katy uses a magic trick she first saw on "America's Got Talent" to help her switch dresses in seconds. Seven of the changes are captured in a video that surfaced online Wednesday.
When Katy sings, "You change your mind like a girl changes clothes," the magic happens.
In the video, Katy opens "Hot N Cold" in a royal blue dress. She's standing in the middle of a cylinder made of fabric. A dancer raises the make-shift changing room and shakes it for two seconds. When he drops it, Katy is wearing a red dress, trimmed in white.
Katy heads to center stage to party with her female dancers when the guys roll out a tall cart covered with curtains. You can see Katy's blue wig above the drapery as she enters the right side of the cart and walks through it uninterrupted.  When she exits stage left, she is wearing a yellow outfit.
Katy resumes dancing and returns to the right side of the stage. This time she steps into a cylinder made of gold cloth. Like during the song's opening change, a male assistant lifts the circular contraption to cover Katy's head and sways it back and forth. Three second later, Katy emerges in a lime green costume.
Katy walks the runway before returning to the front of the stage and is again met by the mobile dressing room. This time she enters the left side, zips through it, and walks out in another red dress with white accents.
Katy does another change in the cloth sack before returning to the top of her set for the coolest trick yet. Two male dancers standing on opposite sides toss above her buckets filled with big chunks of glitter. Literally, before all of the shiny confetti hits the floor, Katy is donning yet another dress, this one white.
Katy recently explained to Entertainment Weekly what prompted her to add the trick to her routine. "I saw these two magicians do it on 'America's Got Talent' or one of those shows, and I thought, ‘I'll have them teach me the trick and we'll incorporate it into the show,' " she said. "I had to sign a nondisclosure agreement saying that I wouldn't give away the secrets behind the magic trick."
While Katy's version of the trick is impressive, it does not contain all the elements showcased on the first season of "America's Got Talent." Quick-change artists David and Dania pulled off the stunt with a transparent cylinder with shredded pieces of fabric, and even changed people.

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