Monday, June 27, 2011

Monsoon Glory - Part 1

Thank you! Take a bow dear users. We had asked you to submit your monsoon related photos to our Flickr Group and we are overwhelmed with your response. The quality of pictures submitted were amazing, but sadly we could pick only the cream of the crop, we present them in three parts. 

By Joseph Jayanth 
Drops of heaven.

By jayesh.varghese 
Monsoon journey to nowhere.

By yashdhingra  
Earth, water, sky. Magic!

By [ PV ]  
Lush green+pure droplets= one pretty picture.

By Manie Bhatia  
One crushed flower. A shattered dream or a life in bloom.

By sankeerth_619  
The wind sings a new song when the rains come to play.

By D-sign (guru of logos)  
Each drop a diamond changing color and shape.

Drop Explosion..... 

By बोम्बल्या फकीर  
A sight for sore eyes or a sore soul.

By anand374  
A rainbow paints the mountain and floods a lake.

By jayesh.varghese
How can dark clouds brighten any day? Only when they are pregnant with the promise of rain.

By Tejas Gokhale
Proof that there is a God.

By sandeep menon2006
The golden hour

By Tejas Gokhale
The sky wore its finest when the monsoons came to visit

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