Friday, June 3, 2011

Mouth watering food .. just irresistible !

Fruit-and-Fire Flat Iron Steaks A six-ingredient marinade gives these steaks a touch of heat. Grilled chunks of pineapple, nectarine, and plum temper the spice.

Tomato and Grilled Veggie Stack
For a summer sandwich they'll love, layer grilled eggplant and yellow sweet peppers with juicy tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, fresh basil, and thinly sliced prosciutto.

Barbecued Salmon with Fresh Nectarine Salsa
Salmon on the grill is a summertime favorite and this easy recipe makes it even better. Our fresh fruit salsa balances the spice of the barbecue sauce beautifully.

 Grilled Chicken and Creamy Corn
This supper is ideal for weeknight suppers on the patio. Our simple-to-make creamy corn makes a hearty side dish. Basil brightens it up.

Chops and Pineapple with Chili Slaw
Chile powder adds a touch of heat to these grilled pork chops. For a refreshing side dish, we've tossed cabbage, onion, and sweet pepper in a five-ingredient dressing.

Tenderloin with Grilled Corn Relish
A rich and creamy corn relish and bacon add juiciness to this lean cut of meat.

 Spicy Grilled Shrimp
To make these fuss-free skewers, simply marinate shrimp in oil and Cajun seasoning before grilling. Warm orange marmalade makes a delicious (and super simple) topper.
Ginger Peach Glazed Chicken
A savory-sweet glaze of peach preserves, vinegar, and horseradish puts a special spin on grilled chicken thighs. Serve it with a side of grilled veggies.

Caramelized Onion Pizza
These fuss-free pizzas take on a smoky flavor when cooked on the grill; pita bread makes a simple base, while your favorite veggies customize each pie.

Summer Pork Chops with Corn-Mango Salsa
A simple-to-make spice blend adds a touch of heat to grilled pork chops; a fresh topping featuring grilled corn, mango, sweet pepper, and mint tempers the spice.

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