Friday, June 24, 2011

Sharp-Eyed Viewers Catch Fox's 'MasterChef' Faking a Huge Crowd

On Monday's episode of Fox's Gordon Ramsay-hosted cooking competition "MasterChef," the opening scene featured a shot of a huge crowd supposedly gathering to audition for the show, with a voice-over describing the "thousands" who lined up to try out. Yesterday, an eagle-eyed Reddit user noticed something weird about the crowd. Namely, the same people showed up multiple times in the same shot:
On the one hand: ooooh, you mean TV shows are messed with by photo editors? I thought everything was real!
On the other: it's fun when the internet catches a behemoth like Fox doctoring a crowd of hopefuls for one of their reality shows. To be fair, this probably happens all the time without anyone catching on, but when you watch the video, it actually is pretty shockingly noticeable. "Why are those two ladies in orange waving in exact unison? Oh, because they're the same person":
In a comment to Entertainment Weekly, Fox admitted the photo was changed and says they won't use that shot anymore. It doesn't really affect anything (thousands probably did audition) but it's a fun gotcha for a show that takes itself so very seriously.

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