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The Voice: 8 Things You Didn't See on TV

TV Guide - June 8, 2011 4:26 AM PDT

Story photo: The Voice: 8 Things You Didn't See on TVChristina Aguilera, Blake Shelton | Photo Credits: Lewis Jacobs/NBCTV Guide
Kilts! Text-savvy contestants! Dirty talk approval! The Voice kicked off its first live show Tuesday on the Warner Bros. lot and was on the set to catch all of the behind-the-scenes action when the cameras weren't rolling. Find out which judges get the most primping and how producers and the other judges really felt aboutChristina's candid comments below.
Getting ready for the live show. About an hour before the show, Beverly isn't quite ready to let her unusual ensemble do all the talking. "It's a kilt. No skirts here," she says on a smoke break outside the stage area. Elsewhere, Xenia, in a hairnet and curlers, asks sweetly — via a production rep — if she can cut the very long bathroom line before the live show. She hums the whole time.
Well, most of its live: "Holy sh--, we're goin' live tonight," host Carson Daly tells the crowd before introducing the judges. And hello, Christina's hot pants! Could they be any tighter or tinier? Time to pre-tape the Queen medley. That's right — this part is being filmed in advance. But as someone sitting in the crowd, can assure you the coaches are indeed singing live, and they sound hot. (This, kids, is what we call charisma.) The on-looking contestants, not competing tonight, sing along with Vicci and Nakia fist-pumping the hardest through "We Will Rock You."
Er, alrighty then, Christina. Well, someone is channeling their old "Dirrty" days. After Beverly's performance inspires a rather raunchy exchange between the Burlesque star and Maroon 5's front man — which, by the way, Adam played off nicely — Blake and Adam crack up. Christina — seated between them and, maybe a little embarrassed — tries to block their views of each other with her hands. Not that it helps.
But, hey, the producers love it! After Christina makes her umpteenth randy remark of the night — "I'm still waiting for you to take your pants off!" she tells Patrick — executive producer Mark Burnett darts over to her with a big ol' thumbs up. Great job, Christina! Better a delicious train wreck than a bland cheerleader like J.Lo.
Sure, relax now. Your time will come... Cee Lo and Adam's singers are seated in the audience. Nakia, the popular, big-voiced Texan, dons white rimmed shades while brushing his beard and texting before the show. Devon takes pictures of the crowd. But they all dance for Voice swag — Jeff wants a T-shirt, too! — when "It Takes Two" comes on.
Ready for their close-ups: Who gets the most primping? Unsurprisingly, the make-up and hair team spend the most time grooming X-tina with minutes to air — but Cee Lo's a very close second. Unlike Idol,judges are locked and loaded into those chairs (Cee Lo's feet barely touch the floor when he's in his seat). No one's leaving during the commercial breaks.
Are the contestants being paid per tweet? Whenever someone isn't performing, Team Adam and Team Cee Lo singers are hunched over their phones, texting furiously. But uh oh! Here comes Burnett and he's not happy. All this texting and phone-checking business is preventing them from getting them on their feet to applaud the performances. (We couldn't read his lips, but he definitely tapped Javier on the shoulder mid-text to tell him to get up.)
Take that, Idol. When the warm-up guy decides that the audience of nearly 1,200 wasn't practicing their pre-show applause loudly, he admonishes them: "That sounds like Sanjaya's here." Oh, snap!

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