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Applying self-tan like a pro

Does applying self-tanning lotion seem like mission impossible? Never fear! Sophie Talhouarn from the Institute Esthederm in Paris reveals all of her professional tricks to help you apply self-tan like a pro

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There only has to be a small glimmer of sunshine before legs make their summer debut, and whiter than white limbs may not be your preferred fashion statement. So, to unveil natural-looking sun-kissed legs, give them some colour with self-tan.

With Sophie’s brilliant tips, you can apply your self-tan perfectly every time and give yourself a gorgeous bronze tint without any tell-tale signs!

Self-tan: choose the right shade

As Sophie Talhouarn explains, “Most self-tans come in light shades, (these contain less dihydroxyacetone or DHA) or dark shades. The first is best for those with very fair skin or who are new to self-tan. The tan is not as dramatic and colour stays light. Dark shades are for those who use self-tan regularly or who have olive skin. Contrary to general perceptions, those with olive skin can use self-tan. It will make skin shimmer, giving a bit of extra wow factor.”

For fair skin, opt for a self-tanning lotion or moisturising cream as a gel or spray, according to Sophie; “can sometimes dehydrate your skin.” Gels and sprays are more adapted to suit naturally olive skin, “which doesn’t soak the self-tan up so much and suits products with a thinner texture”.

Don’t hesitate to ask for samples at your beauty counter so you can try out the product on a patch of skin before purchase.

Self-tan for the face

Don’t fret: applying self-tan to your face involves exactly the same technique as when you apply it to your body. The most important thing to do, as Sophie explains, is to “massage it in so that the product penetrates the skin. If you massage it in, you won’t get ugly streaks and patches. This is the secret to a perfect application and a beautiful tan!” To achieve a 100% streak-free application use completely flat hands to avoid any marks or uneven patches.

“Never forget to wash your hands immediately after applying self-tan and make sure you brush underneath your nails,” Sophie continues. Another piece of advice is to brush your eyebrows with a special comb to take off any excess product. And finally, with the corner of a tissue, “clean the area around you hairline, especially if you are blond” otherwise you’ll end up with stained roots.

When applying tan to your face, don’t forget your ears. Avoid putting on too much by simply massaging them with whatever is left on your fingers after applying the product to the rest of your face, and continue round the base of the neck and behind the ears. To avoid dubious patches on your neck, work the excess down with the palms of your hands to the top of the décolleté.

Here is another one of Sophie’s clever little tips: “The skin around the eyes is naturally paler. To keep this natural shading, put some eyecream on before applying self-tan. This way, you will avoid your under-eye area becoming the same shade as the rest of your complexion, making your tan look unnatural!”

Pre-application: use a scrub once a week and the week before you apply self-tan, followed by a nutritive mask to refine and even out your skin-tone. This will help the self-tan make your skin glow even more.

Self-tan for the body

For those who choose medium to dark shades and who are afraid of getting streaks, Sophie advises using a glove to apply the product. “Of course, you will end up using a bit more product this way, but be assured that the result will be natural-looking, with less risk of mistakes!” With the glove, apply the tan in circular motions, massaging your whole body.

Pre-application: “Use a body scrub 2 or 3 times all over your body in the week before application and moisturise daily. For a brilliant result, hydration is crucial. Hydrated skin will be soft and smooth.” Sophie cannot stress enough the importance of massaging self-tan into your skin when you apply it: “It really is worth making sure the self-tan penetrates the skin by using circular motions. It is the only way to get a great result.”

You must avoid at all costs “patting the product on lightly with your fingers as this will make you look like a Dalmation – circular massaging movements only!”

When your self-tan goes wrong

If, despite our tips, you end up with streaks, all you need is a body scrub and some thorough moisturising and you can reduce the appearance of uneven patches.

Repeat the body scrub/moisturising ritual three times and don’t try and scrub it off with a really tough scrub or by rubbing too hard as “this might lead to inflammation.”

One last thing, for those on a budget who want to save money by using self-tanning body lotion for the face as well, remember that products intended for the body are non-comedogenic. Using these products on your face regularly can give you spots. But as Sophie points out: “If it is just once, that’s ok, just don’t let it become a habit.’

This is a valuable piece of advice, not just for self-tanning products but for all body care ranges in general – face products for the face and body products for the body!

Self-tan shopping

Sublime Bronze Fair Self-Tanning Gel – L'Oreal - £13.47 (150ml)
Sublime Bronze Self-tanning Gel Tinted & Shimmering gives your skin an instant bronzed look that lasts. One step for a self-tanning result and an instant bronzed look.

Bronze Goddess Golden Perfection – Estée Lauder - £21.50 (100ml)
Light, milky lotion gives you a heavenly, sun-kissed tan that looks more natural than ever. The formula includes a nurturing blend of fruit extract, jasmine and narcissus flowers, coconut oil and more… Divine seduction for your skin.

Face Bronzing Gel Tint – Clinique - £32 (100 ml)
Tinted bronzing gel is a sheer lightweight gel that delivers a hint of colour for an instant sun kissed glow. Wear alone or mix with foundation. Oil free, non-acnegenic. Dermatologist tested. Oil-free. 100% fragrance free.

Sun Sheen Light Tan Face Cream – Esthederm - £29.80 (50 ml)
A moisturising cream for the face; subtly doted with self-tanning ingredients to progressively illuminate your skin with a light and natural tan, without exposure to the sun.

Thanks to Sophie Talhouarn of the Esthederm Institute for her advice.

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